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Risk Intelligence Metrics: An Adaptive Metrics Center Industry Report

This is AMC's first industry report. If you're a Venture Capitalist, or a Human Resources or Hiring Manager, or a Project Manager, or an Executive looking to task a team to meet a crisis, or someone wondering which community of practice to get involved in to help you solve your problems, there's a measurement model and an associated risk intelligence metric in this report for you. And you can take the model we give you, use it as a starting point, and modify it to fit your own organization and your own thinking about risk intelligence.

The report bundle includes the report, five risk intelligence models in Expert Choice software format, a revised balanced scorecard model also expressed in that format, and a a link from which you may download a 30 day Expert choice demo license to explore the models.

In addition, the main body of the report ends with Chapter 5 which considers alternative risk intelligence tests and explains how to develop additional ones. The report also contains a number of appendices: 

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