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The Adaptive Metrics Center

About the Adaptive Metrics Center

The Adaptive Metrics Center is a division of the Center for the Open Enterprise, LLC
(COE). Over the past few years, research work at COE has led to the development of extremely detailed conceptual frameworks and software templates that focus on organizational learning, problem solving, adaptation, and openness. These frameworks provide a foundation for the quick development of new tests and metrics in a variety of areas dealing with organizational change, sustainability, competitiveness, organizational intelligence, risk intelligence and management, problem solving, self-organization, and organizational adaptiveness. In particular, they provide a foundation for dealing with the problems of

two areas of surpassing importance for present-day organizations. The first deals with business performance measurement and the second with expectations of future performance.

COE has established the Adaptive Metrics Center (AMC) to

AMC is led by its founder, Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. Managing Director and CEO.

COE, the parent company of AMC is also the parent company of the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI), a leading think tank in the field of Knowledge Management since 1997. KMCI is responsible for one of that field's most coherent and recognizable conceptual frameworks as well as its most comprehensive program and project methodology: K-STREAM™.

KMCI's publications program is also one of the most successful in Knowledge Management and includes publications by KMCI Press and KMCI Online Press. KMCI Press credits include such well-known books as Steve Denning's The Springboard, Mark McElroy's The New Knowledge Management, Joe Firestone's Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge management, Joe Firestone and Mark McElroy's Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management, Steve Cavaleri's Knowledge Leadership, Steve Fuller's Knowledge Management Foundations, Alex and David Bennet's Organizational Survival in the New World, and Nick Bontis's World Congress on Intellectual Capital Readings.