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The Adaptive Metrics Center

Adaptive Metrics Center Reports

The Adaptive Metrics Center publishes reports in the areas of adaptive scorecard metrics and risk intelligence metrics. Most of our reports will present measurement models, tests, instruments, and methods that can be used to arrive at ratio-scaled metrics for comparing organizations, agents within organizations, or time periods. Each report will cover:

In addition, appendices will be included describing:

All reports will be delivered as e-reports licensed to individuals or companies as the case may be. Company licenses allow distribution of report materials freely within a company, but prohibit external distribution. Report bundles will include software versions of models presented in the reports. You can use these, as is, freely in in your own organizations or can customize and develop them further without crediting or compensating AMC beyond the original license fee for the report bundle.  Report bundles will also include trial licenses of software useful or necessary for working with the models.

Adaptive Scorecard Metrics Reports

Risk Intelligence Reports