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The Adaptive Metrics Center

The Center for the Open Enterprise Creates the Adaptive Metrics Center

June 26, 2006

The Center for the Open Enterprise (COE), a Vermont LLC, today announced creation of its Adaptive Metrics Center.

Over the past few years, research work at COE has led to the development of extremely detailed conceptual frameworks and software templates that focus on organizational learning, problem solving, adaptation, and openness. These frameworks provide a foundation for the quick development of new tests and metrics in a variety of areas dealing with organizational change, sustainability, competitiveness, organizational intelligence, risk intelligence and management, problem solving, self-organization, and organizational adaptiveness. In particular, they provide a foundation for dealing with the problems of adaptive scorecards and risk intelligence and management, two areas of surpassing importance for present-day organizations.

COE has established the Adaptive Metrics Center (AMC) to

Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. Managing Director, CEO of both COE and AMC ,commented on the creation of AMC, saying: "The Adaptive Metrics Center will fill the need for leading indicators of likely organizational success in coping with risk and meeting unforeseen challenges. It will provide tools for improving balanced scorecards and limiting the risks of error in organizational decision models. These are areas of great need for all types of organizations: business, non-profit, governmental, international, transnational, and supranational. COE is very pleased to be able to fill this need through the activities of our new center."