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AMC Managing Director and CEO authors Cutter Consortium Executive Report on Adaptive Scorecards

October 27, 2006 -- Today AMC announced that its Managing Director and CEO, Joseph M. Firestone has authored "From the Balanced Scorecard to the Adaptive Scorecard: An Adaptive Maturity Model" Business-IT Strategies Advisory Service, Executive Report, Vol. 9, no. 10, Cutter Consortium, Arlington, MA: 2006. This report proposes a major revision of the conceptual framework underlying the Balanced Scorecard. It adds intelligence performance measures, external impact measures, the process/outcome distinction, and the managing/doing distinction. The result is a much more multi-faceted approach to business performance measurement, which gives due weight to adaptive capacity and innovation, and to measurement techniques and software tools. Take advantage of the very generous promotional offer from Cutter and download the report.

The Report is available for free download here.

A White Paper providing Background for the report is available here.

An industry report providing a software template for supporting measurement modeling and metrics development in adaptive scorecards is described here.