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The Adaptive Metrics Center

AMC Releases The Open Enterprise Software Template: An Analytic Hierarchy Framework for Measuring Aspects of Organizational Adaptive Functioning (An Adaptive Metrics Center Industry Report Bundle)

October 19, 2006 -- Today AMC released The Open Enterprise Software Template, its first adaptive scorecard metrics industry report bundle. Joseph M. Firestone, AMC managing Director and CEO said of the Report,

"If your task is Business Performance Measurement (BPM) and you want to improve on your enterprise scorecard by doing a better job of taking into account organizational adaptive functioning, then the software template component of this report bundle, a very detailed (412 pp.) analytic hierarchy implemented in Expert Choice 11, will be indispensable to you. It provides the framework structure you need to create adaptive scorecards. The template is meant to be used as a reference work. In it you can find hierarchical structures specifying a variety of key constructs related to organizational adaptive functioning."

The constructs covered in the template include: Quality of Adaptive Support Processes and Outcomes; Distributed Organizational Knowledge Base Quality; Knowledge Process Outcome Quality; KM Process Outcome Quality; KM Processing Quality; Knowledge Processing Quality; Problem Production Quality; Knowledge Production Quality; Information Acquisition Quality; Individual and Group Learning Quality; Knowledge Claim Formulation Quality; Knowledge Claim Evaluation Quality; Knowledge and Information broadcasting Quality; Searching and Retrieving Quality; Sharing Quality; Teaching Quality; Quality of Decision processing and Outcomes; Extent of Openness of Decision Execution Cycles (DECs); Quality of DEC Outcomes; and numerous others including constructs dealing with the strength of the tendency to self-organize around various processes; transparency, epistemic inclusiveness, trust, and extent of collaborative integration.

More information on the Report is here.